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Are you wearing the correct size bra?  Here is some information that may help

The best way to check whether you are wearing the correct size is by visiting a professional fitter like ourselves, however, we do realise that this is not always possible so we have written this guide to help those who cannot visit us in person.

Surveys tell us that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size - are you one of them?  Here are some signs that your bra is the wrong size:

  • The band rises up at the back
  • Your boobs are spilling out of the front or sides of the bra
  • You have uncomfortable bulges under your arm
  • The band lifts so your boobs fall out
  • You have deep, red indent marks on your shoulders
  • The underwires that are bent or out of shape
  • The underwires dig into your armpit
  • You have shoulder or back ache from hunching over

Our fitting guide is designed to help you, but remember, it is only a guide and the best way for you to find a perfectly fitted bra is by visiting a specialist such as ourselves.  Bras differ between brands, fabrics and manufacturers, so once you have your measured size, you should try on a varierty of bras to find out whether the style of bra is the right one for you.

Measuring yourself

Your tape measure should be of good quality and should measure in inches as bras are still sold in inch measurements.

  • Your bra band needs to be snug, take a tape and, standing straight, measure around your back, pulling tight and taking care not to ride up your back.
  • Look in a mirror and lift your breasts as you measure around, the band needs to run in a stright line around, without pinching the skin.
  • This measurement is your back size, if the number is odd, you will wear a band in the size either side, depending on how snug you like your band to be.

The 4 or 5 inch rule:  This is a very outdated method of measuring you for a bra and we do not add 4 or 5 inches to band sizes anymore, anyone offering this advice or service does not know how to fit a bra PROPERLY and to modern standards.  Bras are made with much more prescision and quality materials today. and are designed to fit as per your body measurement.   This outdated method of measuring is why so many women wear the wrong bra size - think about it, if you measure 31", why would you wear a bra with a 36" band?  That would be 5 inches too big than you measured yourself at.  If you like a snug bra, you would wear a 30 Band, and if you like a slightly more relaxed feel, you will wear a 32 Band.

Measurement in Inches = Band Size

We source bras to a 58 back so adjust the chart accordinally, remember, you can size up by ONE band size only and then the wires will be sitting on your breast tissue. For example, if you measure 32 but find this too tight, you can resize to a 34 - but no bigger as this will compromise the fit of the bra.


28 Band


30 Band


32 Band


34 Band


36 Band


38 Band


40 Band


42 Band

Next you need to find your cup size

Finding your cup size is more tricky, and, sometimes you just have to work through a process of elimination to find the right style of cup for you.  The cup of a bra should encapsulate the entire breast and the wire should sit behind - not on - the breast tissue.

  • Place the tape around your body while wearing your most supportive bra
  • Measure around the fullest part of your breast
  • Make a note of this measurement
  • Subtract your band size from the measurement you have just taken
  • Your body shape will determine what style of bra you need to wear, this can be determined by trying on different types of bras

Difference between the two measurements  = Cup Size

Use the chart below to work out what size of bra you need to buy - each inch difference, is one cup size


AA Cup


A Cup


B Cup


C Cup


D Cup


DD Cup


E Cup


F Cup


FF Cup


G Cup


GG Cup


H Cup


HH Cup


J Cup


JJ Cup


K Cup


  • Your back measurement is 31", we will round this up to 32"
  • Your fullest bust measurement is 40"
  • 40-32 = 8" so your starting bra size will be 32FF

Finding the right bra and checking it fits

Once you have found your bra size you need to make sure the fit is correct.  Here are some things to check;

  • The bra should be worn on it's loosest hook
  • The middle of the bra should fit flat against your sternum, if it doesnt then the band is too big
  • The underwire should sit behind the breast, not on it, where soft tissue can get damaged
  • There should be no overspill at the top or sides of the bra. If this happens you need a larger cup size
  • If you have one breast bigger than the other, a bra with an elasticated cup with be more flattering than a moulded cup
  • Pressure marks from a bra at the end of the day are normal, however it should not be causing blisters or leaving cuts
  • The back of the bra should not be rising up, it should sit horizontally across the back
  • The straps should not be too tight, they should just be firm enough to give lift and support
  • The bra should not dig in under the arm

Putting the bra on

  • When putting a bra on, lean forward and let the breasts drop into the cup, placing the wire behind the breast
  • Stand up and do the bra on the loosest set of hooks, then put your straps onto your shoulders
  • Put your hand into the cup and scoop the breast tissue under the form, into the cup
  • Sweep your fingers across the cup of the bra for a smooth finish
  • Put your top back on and check you are happy with your fitted br

Do bear in mind that this is just a guide and does not replcae the service you will get from an actual bra fitter that will fit the bra onto you, but hopefully this helps you find your bra size and give you some comfort from wearing the right bra for you.